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Sascha Dini

Sascha is the founder and managing director of SSR GmbH. In addition to intensive customer discussions on the phone, he personally looks after our customers throughout Europe. In critical situations, he moves directly to the front line, supports the team and demonstrates his hands-on mentality. Sascha’s dedication and customer focus characterize the success of SSR GmbH.

Julian Mitter

Julian, our Head of Technology, is not only a talented designer, but also develops our machines down to the smallest detail. After the design phase, he is directly involved in the construction of our machines. Additionally, he is responsible for the entire technical area and manages it successfully.

Velibor Kresojevic

Velibor Kresojevic brings impressive expertise with over 8 years of experience in the high-bay warehouse sector. His in-depth knowledge and innovative approach make him a valuable addition to our TEAM. With Velibor at our side, we can offer our customers even better service. Let Velibor’s expertise and commitment inspire you!

Discover the future of conductor rail cleaning.

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