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Busbar cleaning for shuttle systems

Cobra SX1

Immerse yourself in the world of warehouse innovation with our Cobra SX1, for your valuable conductor rail. As a central element in automated warehouses, it deserves the utmost attention. Our product offers a groundbreaking solution for the maintenance cleaning of shuttle busbars. Let the Cobra SX1 revolutionize your warehouse experience and take efficiency to a new level!

Perfection in purity

Our Cobra SX1 has been deliberately designed to be slim and lightweight to adapt seamlessly to any environment. No matter what challenge you face, the Cobra SX1 is the solution for flawless cleanliness, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Fascinating customisation

The Cobra SX1 impresses with a fascinating telescopic mechanism that masters every situation in the shortest possible time. A dynamic adjustment marvel that your experience to an exciting new level.

Special class H filter

Cleaning the conductor rail has never been so easy and efficient. The COBRA SX1 is equipped with a powerful and sophisticated hoover integrated, which is equipped with a class H filter system. Additionaly a HEPA filter system reliably removes dirt and dust. The collection bag (2kg) is easy to remove and and easy to dispose of.

Discover the future of conductor rail cleaning.

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