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Busbar cleaning for high-bay warehouses

Matrix X4

Thanks to the unique patented suction head, which can be adapted to almost any support rail, it is ideal for cleaning different types of rails. It offers a simple and effective solution for removing dirt – from the first to the last metre of your conductor rail. The self-contained operation of the Matrix X4 allows the dirt to be channelled directly into the collection bag for easy disposal. Thanks to its high performance requirements, the Matrix X4 is ideal for professional use.

Special class H filter

Cleaning in the conductor rail has never been so easy and efficient. The Matrix X4 incorporates a powerful and sophisticated hoover equipped with a class H filter system. In addition, a HEPA filter system reliably removes dirt and dust. The collection bag (2kg) is easy to remove and simple to dispose of.

Systematic cleanliness

The suction head arm of the Matrix X4 is flexible and adaptable to almost any situation. It doesn’t matter whether the power rail runs to the left or right as the arm can be quickly and easily repositioned. With the Matrix X4 suction head arm, you will be able to clean your conductor rail effortlessly.

Adaptation to any condition

The Matrix X4 is characterised by its adaptability to different carrier rails. With its interchangeable and flexible wheels, it can be used on all common carrier rails. The Matrix X4 offers high precision and outstanding performance.

Discover the future of conductor rail cleaning.

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