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Conductor rail cleaning

What is conductor rail cleaning?

Conductor rail cleaning is the regular removal of dirt, dust and other deposits from the conductor rails and industrial systems to ensure reliable operation.


With the Matrix X4, an innovative solution for conductor rail cleaning is now available that ensures simple and effective dirt removal thanks to its unique patented suction head. The Matrix X4 also meets the highest performance requirements and is therefore ideal for professional use. With its effective cleaning technology and robust design, the Matrix X4 is a reliable solution for busbar cleaning.


Another advantage of the Matrix X4 is its self-contained operation. The dirt is fed directly into the collection bag so that it can be disposed effortless. This means not only easy cleaning, but also hygienic and environmentally friendly disposal.

Special class H filter

The Matrix X4 incorporates a powerful and sophisticated vacuum cleaner equipped with a class H filter system. This enables effective dirt removal and prevents dust particles from being emitted into the environment. In addition, a HEPA filter system reliably removes dirt and dust. This means that even the smallest particles can be safely collected.

The collection bag of the Matrix X4 has a capacity of 2 kg and is easy to remove. This not only enables quick and uncomplicated disposal of the collected dirt, but also ensures a hygienic and environmentally friendly solution for power rail cleaning.

Systematic cleanliness

The suction head of the Matrix X4 is designed so that it can be adapted to almost any carrier rail. This makes it ideal for cleaning different types of rails. Whether straight or curved rails, the Matrix X4 removes dirt and deposits quickly and easily – from the first to the last meter of your conductor rail.

The Matrix X4’s suction head arm makes power rail cleaning a quick, easy and efficient process. The flexible suction head arm ensures quick adaptation to different conditions and enables effective cleaning of the conductor rail. It doesn’t matter whether the conductor rail runs to the left or right, as the arm can be repositioned quickly and easily. This enables the entire conductor rail to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Adaptation to any condition

The Matrix X4 is characterised by its adaptability to different carrier rails. With its interchangeable and flexible wheels, it can be used on all standard support rails. Whether straight or curved rails, the Matrix X4 adapts flexibly to the conditions and ensures effective cleaning.

Another advantage of the Matrix X4 is its high precision. Thanks to its innovative technology, it is able to remove even the smallest dirt particles and thus ensure reliable dirt removal. With its effective cleaning technology and robust design, the Matrix X4 is an effective solution for busbar cleaning.

You benefit from this:

Cost benefit

Material and resource savings

Time saving

Savings of up to 95% compared to manual cleaning

Employee protection

Special class H HEPA filter systems

Service life

Increased service life through prevention


Consistent cleaning pattern thanks to full automation


Reduced risk of fire and electric shock

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why is busbar cleaning important?

Conductor rail cleaning is important to ensure the smooth operation of railway vehicles and industrial systems. Dirt, dust and other deposits can impair the conductivity of the conductor rails and therefore lead to malfunctions and breakdowns.

How often should the conductor rail be cleaned?

The frequency of busbar cleaning depends on various factors, such as the type of system, the environment and the intensity of use. As a rule, it is recommended to clean the conductor rails at least every 6 months.

What are the advantages of cleaning with the Matrix X4?

Cleaning with special cleaning devices offers several advantages. Firstly, they can remove stubborn dirt more effectively than conventional cleaning methods. Secondly, they are often faster and gentler on the conductor rails.

Is conductor rail cleaning environmentally friendly?

Yes, our cleaning solutions are based on state-of-the-art technology and are environmentally friendly. We rely on the use of environmentally friendly materials and resources to fulfil our ecological responsibility.

What should I bear in mind when cleaning the conductor rails?

If you hire the Matrix X4 for your own employees so that they can clean their conductor rail independently, the cleaning device will be sent directly to you and collected again by a haulage company commissioned by us for a mutually agreed hire period. You and your employees will also receive training directly at the workplace.

Discover the future of conductor rail cleaning.

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